Monday, January 13, 2014

Jihosoft ISO Maker: Freeware to Create, Extract & Burn ISO File

Jihosoft ISO Maker Free Overview 

ISO file is incredibly useful and now are widely used by people. Currently, there are many ISO image tool available on the market and here we will show you a free and powerful one, Jihosoft ISO Maker Free. This freeware makes creating ISO image files a really easy task. In addition, it provides functions to backup disk or partition as ISO image. Also with this free ISO tool, users are able to extract contents from ISO file and burn ISO file to a DVD disc with ease.
  • Take sector by sector image of drive or partition 
  • Extract contents of an ISO file to any folder 
  • Create ISO image file from any files and folders 
  • Burn files, folder, or ISO file to a blank DVD disc 
Four Main Functions of Jihosoft ISO Maker Free 
Byte Backup 
Click on “Byte Backup” to backup disk or partition as ISO image. From the detected drive list, select the disk or partition that you want to create a backup image. Then hit the “Create Image” button, the software will immediately take sector by sector image of selected drive.

ISO Extractor 
Click on “ISO Extractor” to extract contents of an ISO file. First click the “Load ISO” button to import the ISO file that you want to extract contents from. Press the “Extract ISO” button and choose the save location, then the program will begin the file extraction promptly.

ISO Creator 
Click on “ISO Creator” to create ISO file from any files and folders. Click the “Add Files” or “Add Folder” button to load target objects into this freeware. Select a backup type and click the “Create ISO” button. Choose a path and name for the ISO, then the software will begin creation at once.

ISO Burner 
Click on “ISO Burner” to burn files, folder, or ISO file to a DVD disc. Insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD drive. Click the “Add Files” or “Add Folder” button to load target files or folder, then hit “Burn ISO”, the program will automatically burn the selected objects into the inserted DVD disc.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jihosoft Free Eraser - Ensure Your Sensitive Files are Erased Permanently

Question: Is there any way to permanently delete files from Windows computer? My problem is, I’m planning to sell my old computer and don’t want anybody see my private information. Can someone share me a free program to wipe data out?

Planning on selling your old PC or laptop, but don’t want others access or view your personal data? Use Jihosoft Free Eraser to truly do erase the data. This tool permanently and completely wipes private and confidential data from Windows based drive and external storage mediums. Its military-grade wipe technology ensures it impossible to recover deleted files even with powerful data recovery software.

Key Features of Jihosoft Free Eraser
-          Permanently delete confidential files and folders
-          Wipe all your data on hard drive or partition
-          Erase data on portable devices like USB flash drive
-          100% free, clean, and safe to wipe out private data

How to Use Jihosoft Free Eraser
Jihosoft Free Eraser is powerful data destruction software with full capabilities to delete files, folders and shred entire partition or hard drive data. The software provides 3 data deletion modes: File & Folder Deletion, Drive & Partition Deletion and Free Space Deletion.

Option 1: File & Folder Deletion
File & Folder Deletion mode helps you erase individual private files and folders in your hard disk and other removable media.
Step 1: Select “File & folder deletion” mode.
Step 2: Click “Add files” or “Add folders” to select specific files or folders from hard disk you are going to wipe. To remove selected items, click “Empty selected files”.
Step 3: From the drop-down list of “Security level”, select one as your desired deletion method.
Step 4: Click “Start deletion”, then in the warning Window, click “Yes” to wipe out data.

Option 2: Drive & Partition Deletion
Drive & Partition Deletion mode will help you wipe out all private and confidential data included in one partition or hard drive.
Step 1: Select “Drive & partition deletion” mode on the main interface.
Step 2: The program will list all partition available. Select the partition you would like to wipe out all data in it and then click “Start deletion”.
Step 3: Select a data shredding pattern and then the deletion begins promptly.

Option 3: Free Space Deletion
Free Space Deletion mode helps you completely wipe unused or free hard drive space and erase slack space. 
Step 1: Select “Free space deletion” mode.
Step 2: From the detected drive list, select the drive where its free space you’d like to erase.

Step 3: Click “Start deletion” and choose a data destruction method to wipe unused and slack space left on the hard drive.